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Bulletin Announcements and Calendar

Announcements & Events

Welcome to all who have joined us for worship today.  May you have a blessed Sabbath!  Guests please join us for a vegetarian fellowship meal following our services today.
Prayer Meeting: Wednesday evenings, 6:30 PM. We are studying the Great Controversy, chapter on Reform. All are invited to come and join us.
January is Health Month: The Review and Herald is promoting two exciting products: Our latest health book, 40 DAYS: GOD'S HEALTH PRINCIPLES FOR HIS LAST DAYS (U.S $12.99), and magazine VIBRANT LIFE ($17.95, year) which, after 115 years, continues to present the SDA health message to readers with enthusiasm and style.  If you'd like to make someone happy in 2012, give a subscription to this amazing magazine (discounts for multiple subscriptions).  Two ways to shop:
1) Call your ABC: 402-488-3395,
2) Order online at 
Come join the a cappella ladies choir practice:  3:00 PM Sabbath afternoon, Jan. 28.  This is a fun opportunity to sing with a group.  PLEASE come and participate!
Brentwood is looking for an interested person to take the position of Home and School leader.  Please call the school at 258-1579 for more information. 
Community Services:  The following is a list of items needed for the “Bags of Love”:  Toothpaste (travel size), Toothbrushes (child size), Lip Balm, Bubble Bath, Bath Items, Cologne (both boy & girl), Deodorant (travel size), Kleenex (travel size), Sticker and Color Books, Paint Sets and Small Inexpensive Electronic games.  Thank you for your past support as well as donations.  If you would like to donate for these items, mark the donation for “Bags of Love”
A new year is a fresh start, so why not do what you have always been meaning to do for your health. The next C.H.I.P. program is coming soon so plan on attending an information session – February 12th at 3:00 PM or February 13th at 7:00 PM.
Forks Over Knives: You have the opportunity to see what Roger Ebert of Chicago Sun-Times claimed is "A film that can save your life."  The Bismarck SDA Church will be hosting a public viewing of the documentary 'Forks Over Knives' on February 9th at 7:00 PM. Bring a friend and join the 'plant-strong' movement that is changing the way Americans eat, look and feel.
January Bulletin: Email bulletin announcements to by 6:30 PM Thursday or call Cherryl Kaiser at 224-1435. 
Thank you for your continued and generous support of our Bismarck Seventh-day Adventist Church.  We are pleased to report the following – 2011 Budget year end totals:
    Budget: $87,300    Actual: $88,219.43       Over: $919.43
In addition to this many funds have come in for projects and departments.
2012 Combined
Church Budget:
Offering January 14    $512    $1,750     ($1,238)
Through January 14    $1,728    $3,500     ($1,772)

Church Calendar
Jan 28   DAA - Pathfinder Bible Bowl
Jan 28   DAA - Talent Show
Feb 9     Forks Over Knives - 7:00 PM
Feb 11   Pizza & Game Night - 6:00 PM
Feb 12   CHIP Information Session - 3:00-4:00 PM
Feb 13   CHIP Information Session - 7:00-8:00 PM
Feb 16   Church Board - 7:00-8:30 PM
(Date change from usual schedule)
Feb 26   CHIP Classes Begin
Media & Website Information
Bismarck SDA Church                 
Dakota Conference of SDA     
Dakota Adventist Academy
Kansas/Nebraska ABC    402-488-3395
Christian Radio:                                                    KJIT – 106.7
                                                                            K263AP – 100.5
                                                                                  3ABN – 93.7
Christian TV:                                   3ABN – Cable Channel 192
Ellen G. White Estate                       
Church Directory
Pastor Odea Sigh                                                                       907-347-3255
JoAnn Arnold, Head Elder                                                 258-7661
Bill Bender, January Elder                                                 258-9087
Tami Flemmer, January Music Minister                          255-4700
Kent Well, Head Deacon                                                   220-1319
Cherryl Kaiser, Clerk                                                          224-1435
Brentwood SDA Christian School                                    258-1579
Dakota Adventist Academy                                                258-9000                               

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